Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Communal Kitchen Table

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Now that I have a clear-ish idea in my mind about our living room, I'm obviously dreaming about the next big demo project in the house. We're way far out from even thinking logistics about renovating the kitchen but it's definitely something I get butterflies just thinking about. Out of every room in the house, the kitchen/dining combo is the most inefficient space and it makes my heart sad.

Photography by Emily Jenkins Followill

The dining room and the kitchen are separated by a half wall of lower kitchen cabinets which leaves both the kitchen and dining room teensy bitty. Since the room is already connected and deemed a casual eating space, I'm breaking down that evil wall between the two and marrying the two in a beautiful matrimonial ceremony that I can't wait to attend. I'm going to be the flower girl AND the officiant.

Windsor Smith

I want to pull a Windsor Smith and incorporate a loooong (8+ chairs) table down the center of my kitchen and call it a day. Is it a kitchen or a dining room? It's a kitching room. Or a dinchen. Whatever I end up calling it, I know I'm going to like her.

Windsor Smith

And I know I'm going to need some sort marble, clapboard, black french door, fancy light fixture goodness all up in that business.

Tommy Smythe

And maybe I want to throw in a little herringbone for giggles.

Windsor Smith

But mostly, I just want to be as cool as Windsor. Isn't that what we all strive for each day?


  1. Hi Lauren,

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  2. I love the Windsor Smith kitchen so much. She has a beautful way of doing classic. I just found your blog and love it!

  3. Such beautiful kitchens! Your blog is great I'm following you:)


  4. Really nice kitchen can't take out eyes from it.


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