Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Watson Wednesday: 49 in Dog Years!

Today was our Watson's seventh birthday and he woke up feeling like a boss. And I didn't stop him.**

He received a few head out the window car rides.

He waited patiently to be seated at his birthday dinner at Barnaby's with his only friend, Levi.
He obviously received a few, "what a cool dog, what is he?!"'s
"Please," he said, "I get this all the time, people. I'm quarter dog, three quarters awesome."

He dined on a fine feast of turkey and sweet potatoes with a petite dessert biscuit and fresh bottled water. Because that's normal. And they had it on the menu.

I mean, anytime is the right time for doggie lunchies...

And lastly, we made a stop at Petite Sweets for a "pupsicle" which turned him into a psychopathic abominable snowman.

His eyes...terrifying. I'm afraid to fall asleep tonight knowing he could be watching me.

MSVhWC on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

 **DISCLAIMER: I am not a freak of nature dog lady that celebrates her dog's birthday every year and sends out birthday invitations. On the contrary, this is the first time I've ever really remembered his birthday. So, to celebrate my memory, I treated myself to a glass of wine and a cake ball (ok, and maybe a mini cupcake and macaroon. And maybe some of my roommate's cupcake...).


  1. Seriously, that is one awesome doggie! Happy Birthday, Watson!

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