Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gallery Wall For Thought

Apartment Therapy

A certain human in my life has expressed continual interest in starting a gallery wall in their hallway. I think it's a rather precious idea and a great way to start a little collection of sorts.


Consider this my gentle advice to those interested in starting a gallery wall and to this specific human.

Mary McDonald

There are a few ways you can approach your gallery wall. You can collect an assortment of frames in all shapes, sizes and colors. You could do a gallery wall in all the same size, shape and color. OR you could mix things up and fall somewhere in between.

Mary McDonald

I love the bold simplicity of all of the black frames and black and white images against the blue backdrop.

PS I Love This

I also love the sophisticated mix of gold and black frames here.

Domino, Tori Mellot

I coveted this image when it was first released from Domino. I remember wanting to try to recreate Tori Mellott's apartment not only in my brain particles, but in my apartment particles. I love how objects, mirrors and picture frames were mixed on this wall.

And lastly, I love this crazed clutter.

For those of you wanting to start a little summer project, Aaron Brothers is having their penny sale. Buy one item, get one of equal or lesser price for a penny. That's $0.01. That's practically free, people. 

My own photo from the SF Elle Decor Showhouse

As I'm sure most of you know, custom framing is out of the world expensive. Especially for the good stuff too. Sometimes, you just can't help it because your piece is such a strange size and shape. To you my friend I say, "yo wrong fo dat." Notice in the picture above how different the mats are. It's much more affordable to purchase a frame larger than your artwork and to get a custom mat to fit your frame and your piece. Your gallery wall will end up looking expensive and custom. Put that in your brain and smoke it.


  1. Personally, I love a small gallery wall, my husband does not. So there is currently a "discussion" over this.
    The ceilings in our home are over 15' high, my framed art / pictures are not so large .. I need a gallery wall !
    Love all the examples you have shown here!
    Hugs to Watson from Pup.

  2. you've inspired me to get this project going again! Great post, my dear.


  3. I love gallery walls. Anytime I put up more than 3 pictures on a wall I do it so haphazardly and end up with a billion holes in the wall. Somehow I figure out a way to cover 'em up.
    PS-love you blog and sense of humor.

  4. I've got a serious love of the gallery wall too. Check out Jill's Gallery Wall
    It's rockin. I'm doing it in my new house fo so.

  5. Love this! I'm dying to take the plunge and create a little gallery. Thanks for the inspiring post!

  6. Great post Lauren. I do love Aaron Brothers 1 cent sale. I will definitely use the odd sized mat idea in standard frame size for my paintings.

  7. I adore a gallery wall and particularly love them when done uniformly. I have a wall with all black and white photos displayed in black frames matted in white and I love the look. Thrilled to find and follow your beautiful blog!!

  8. Thanks for all the great feedback everyone! Good to hear we have a strong "pro gallery wall" crowd. And thanks for the new follows!

  9. The picture hangers surrounding the round mirror picture hangers looks awesome. It created more space in the room.

  10. Different design variations can be done. Have an ergonomic office chair as well.

  11. The Gallery wall for thought is wonderful. You can know all about it from the post here


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