Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Your Momma Deserves Floral Lovelies.

Not much to this post.

Just pretty pictures of pretty flower arrangements I've done.

Mostly for pretty mommas.

And pretty step mommas and grand mommas and aunt mommas and baby mommas.

And some I selfishly created for my ownself.

But maybe, JUST MAYBE, if you tune in tomorrow you'll get a sneak peak of how to perfectly perfectionize a flower arrangement all your momma's own. Now wouldn't that be a tasty treat for you to devour?

And can you believe Watson is slated for a legit groom today!? Hoping nobody cancels on us and I can report back with a (hopefully not terribly embarrassing) after photo.


  1. Um, excuse me, you did these yourself?!?! My jaw literally hit my desk - these are so beautiful. Teach me. And teach me how to keep fresh flowers alive because I have a stressful habbit of killing all the flowers/arrangements I get... And my boyfriend is starting to get mad at me...

  2. You're so sweet!! I did indeed do them. Stay tuned tomorrow and you'll get the tips and tricks you so desire!


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