Friday, May 20, 2011

Quarters are Cool, Right?

Sweet & Saucy Shop
I'm 25 today. That's a quarter of a century. Do we like quarters around here? I haven't decided yet. All my friends seem to be smitten with being a quarter of the way to officially ancient so I suppose I'll hop on that fun train too.

I'll also hop on the giving myself my very own virtual birthday cake because I can train. I've always loved the gorgeous sugary confections from Sweet & Saucy Shop and since I can't have one in real life, I gave myself my very own for my birthday today. Yay me!

So, convince me. Will I like this 25 situation? How has/did 25 treat you?


  1. Happy happiest birthday!!! I turned 25 in December and I have to say it was really weird. I felt really old. But now, as I am getting closer to 26, I like 25. You're an adult, but you're not old. People take you seriously, but not too seriously. You'll like it!

  2. Happy Birthday! Each year is another opportunity to celebrate growth! Don't bother hopping on the I'm getting old train. Celebrate each passing year with gusto and reflection. Coming from a 29 year old, 25 was great but 26 gave me the courage to make a big, positive change in my life. :) Happy Birthday!

  3. As your Grandpa says, getting older sure beats the alternative! Happy Birthday, daughter!

  4. I turned 25 on the 25th, my "golden birthday." Actually it was a little more plantium and sparkly and totally a great year! Hope your day was fantastic.


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