Friday, April 29, 2011

West University Home Tour - Sally Wheat Edition

Ladies and gents, exciting news awaits. The 2011 West University Home Tour here in Houston (This Sunday, May 1st from 1:00-5:00) features the one and only Sally Wheat's darling abode. Even more exciting is that Sally was kind enough to ask if I wanted to show off her goods and serve as a docent on the tour. Um, duh.

If you haven't previously seen photos of Sally's home, head on over to Cote de Texas where Joni explores her home for the first time and then again after a transformation


Sally is truly a woman after my own heart. As an interiors maven and a true "semi-designed lifer", Sally is constantly trying new things in her home and evolving day in and day out.  All of her rooms manage looking flawlessly styled and thoughtfully crafted.

Today, we're going to study the evolution of her living room. I find these four particular photos very intriguing because you can see an obvious evolution from classic French/Belgium to modern day POW but each look maintains classic elegance with a modern twist.


Sally's "first" publicized living room featured four armchairs instead of a classic sofa or settee setup. I really liked this look and imagined that it created an intimate conversation area.


Sally's darling "second" publicized living area was this precious variety. Here, Sally's modern edge starts to take shape. The white calf skin rug and use of Kelly Wearstler's Trellis fabric on the chairs is a tantalizing modern edge from the belgium linen and neutral backdrop.


Living area "tres" (is this the right order, Sally? Correct me if I'm wrong.) really starts to take shape and is a stark contrast to the previous living area. She uses bold, black accents and is playing with contrast and scale. A lucite table and deer print pillow really do it for me here. A delish transformation indeed. Notice Sally has used the same drapery for the last three looks.


Last but not least, Sally's latest living quarters. Clearly the biggest transformation, she still maintains a neutral palette but adds pops of color in pillows, accent furniture and artwork. Here Sally has opted for a bright white linen drape and adds her new favourite (favourite with a "u" because the royal wedding is today) material, python on the coffee tables.

What makes all of these very different rooms work? Well, besides Sally's sheer genius and talent extraordinaire, she bases all of these looks off of one key element (and my personal fave): SYMMETRY. Ah, yes. Dear ole' symmetry. Does a body goooood.

One thing is for sure, I cannot WAIT to see this babe in person and get down and dirty in the details. I'll be bunked up in her son's room talking about wonderous finery so please come say "hey!" from 1:00-3:00 this Sunday. For information about tickets or the other houses on the tour, visit here.


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