Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Watson Wednesdays: Literally NOTHING To Report

I was hoping to give you lovelies a hilarious update of Watson's latest frock today. Instead, I give you this before and after shot:

That's right. I give you nothing. Because for some CRUEL reason no groomer in the greater Houston area seems remotely interested in grooming my poor, hot and uncomfortable dog. I mean, it's in the 90's here people. Look how he pants and whimpers for lesser locks.

Groomer #1 cancelled on me 5 minutes before my appointment on Monday because their groomer was having "car trouble". Sounds like a "you issue" to me as far as I'm concerned. Today, groomer #2 happily accepted my sweet pooch for a groom. Upon calling to check in, groomer #2 alerts me that she's "sick" and is "going home" but "don't worry, he got a bath". And can you believe the satanic beast tried charging me for it?! Again, another "you issue".

Which brings me to my point of this post. This is the life of a dog owner. Right now, it's the life of a dog owner who wants to verbally accost the next human who does me (or Watson) wrong, but generally the life is relatively uneventful. Do you really like Watson Wednesdays? Do you wake up on Wednesday mornings giddy as all hell and hope to bajeez that I deliver the Watson Wednesdays of your dreams? If so, I'll continue on but I'm hard pressed for content, dear readers. Will you all hate me if I made Watson Wednesdays a Facebook thing?

Tell me your thoughts, emotions and wildest dreams for Watson and his Wednesdays. He needs his ego stroked a little bit right now.


  1. Keep the Watson posts coming! If you lived in the MD area, Watson and my wild-haired miniature (not so miny) goldendoodle would be best buddies. I think they could totally relate to eachother on the hair issue.

    I am dying to see how Watson's hair turns out. We are considering shaving Kelham for the summer even though I said I would NEVER do it. I just can't keep up with all the matting and trimming him myself is quite the process. I did see your post when the groomer trimmed him like a poodle and I think they would do the same to our dog. How long did it take Watson to get over the fact that all his hair was gone?


  2. You know I live for the little guy. Haircut or no he's perfection. You can't just cut me off like that.
    Have you tried Aussie Petmobile? Amy is great!

  3. I have a large brown Standard Poodle and we try to let his hair go as long as possible before groomings now, because he is older, a bit arthritic and I think the whole grooming experience is his idea of Hell.
    Poodles don't smell when they get hairy, it being hair and not fur .. I am not sure how it works with the mixed breeds. But I do feel bad for both of you :) It is very annoying to have your day planned with the beauty salon/groomer and be canceled :(

  4. I love Watson Wednesdays! Please keep them coming...he is adorable!

  5. Well his whites DO look whiter! Don't you dare stop Watson Wednesdays.

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