Sunday, April 3, 2011

Charcoal Starts Fires

So, I told myself I wasn't going to reveal any peeks of my new place until everything was picture perfect. I gots ta thinkin' and realized that's so against my semi-designed mantra. Since I (and hopefully you too!) am on a constant quest to define my style, I felt like it was my duty to share the design progression that will be my new home.

This weekend I spent my entire Saturday painting my bedroom. The room is quite large, has an exterior door and a 10 foot long window. A few things I've been missing in my past living quarters. The one thing it did have in common with apartment dwelling is the beige wall color. While perfectly lovely and fine, I was ready for some drama.  

Most of my furnishings are white and were begging for some contrast. So of course, I immediately thought charcoal. Delicious, fire starting charcoal. And a little inspiration...







I decided on the color "Pier" by Behr.

I know, sad representation

And this is how things are lookin'...

This photo of my great-grandmother has creeped out most of my former roommates but I think she looks kind of sassy with some longhorns crowning her.

And there's your peek! What do you think? It's photographing kind of green but I promise it's a pretty pure grey. I'm loving it, and Watson seems to be pretty pleased with the change.


  1. looks great! corey and i just found our new house and i know i'll be stopping by your blog for some decorative inspiration!

  2. lauren~ it looks SO GOOD! love it!

  3. Thanks everyone! I'm really loving the drama in the boudoir. Still a work in progress so stay tuned!

  4. Looks great!!! It really makes me want to paint our walls.

  5. Looks AMAZING! We just painted our guest bath a similar color but your post makes me want to use it again in a bedroom! Can't wait to see all of the rooms!

  6. Love your room!!! May I ask where the desk and dresser are from? Thanks for sharing - give Watson a big hug for me, he is adorable, too! :)

  7. Whitney,

    The dresser is from an antique store on lower Westheimer in Houston called Lou B's. The desk was actually a STEAL of a deal at World Market. They still have it. Link is here:

    I actually got it when they were having a furniture sale, which is always nice!

    I'll be sure to give Watson a BIG hug! As if he doesn't get enough of those...

    Let me know if you end up getting the desk! I really love it.

  8. Thank you so much! We're moving in a little less than a month and I'm hoping to leaving our current desk behind......will def. let you know if end up getting it! So appreciate your help!

  9. You're very welcome! Good luck moving... I just went through that horror. Start packing early!

  10. It looks greyt! lol. Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

    I love grey! And I love the mix of furniture you have in here. Also, I was thinking about longhorns the other day and whether they are still cool. I guess it doesn't matter what other people think but now I'm convinced that they are! :)

    So glad to have found your blog!

  11. The charcoal color looks pleasurable on your home. But if I have to redesign it, I'd choose happy and bright colors instead.
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  12. Elegant bedroom and so spacious! Those are nice furniture as well. I wonder if you have outdoor shade blinds outside your window.

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