Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bedroom Wars: Pick the Chairs

So remember that whole series thing I started where you get to pick each item and ultimately build your own room in the blogospherenation? Well, I've been SUCKING at it. I would blame moving for the thousandth time but I feel like that's just a cop out. So, I'm owning up to my lameness and apologizing and making up for it with another installment.

We're going to put together a little seating area in the boudoir. Imagine a duo of these in front of a fantasmic window with sassy drapes you have yet to pick out. So tell me, what's your favorite?

1. Directoire Chair - Windsor Smith
2. Annie Chair - High Fashion Home
3. Piccadilly Chair, Serena and Lily - Layla Grayce
4. Roman Chair - High Fashion Home

Recall that this is what our bedroom looks like thusfar:

Vote people! Vote away!


  1. Tough choice...or I should say tuft choice, choosing No. 2...but only b/c the headboard is already tufted!

  2. My choice is couch number 4. I like a chair with arm rest. Where can I find these? I'm planning to move into one of these New York new homes soon.

  3. I would go with couch number 1. Your room is shaping up nicely! If I could find an apartment for rent in Makati that looks like this, I would love it.

  4. I'd go with couch number 1 as well. I have a similar one in our new Manila real estate house. It's perfect especially for homes with minimalist theme.

  5. This is a tough choice! But since our residential home builders made a beautiful classic themed living room, I would go with couch number 1.

  6. If I'll be on a vacation, I would consider buying these chairs. I think they're beautiful.

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  7. Number 2 looks great for me. It is classy yet comfy. I love the color too. renting condos

  8. As a perth property buyers agent, you should know if the property you are selling is already fully-furnished. Some buyers like complete packages so they won't buy other things anymore.

  9. The bedrom wars pick chairs arfe described in the post here. Have a look at ikt


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