Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Watson Wednesdays: Rug Woes

I have an annoying problem on my hands. In fact, I have four annoying problems.

While I'm losing the carpeted bedroom at my apartment and gaining luscious hardwoods, there is a downside. Four little feeties tip tapping in the middle of night.

I must say, I've considered this as a resolution to my future noisy problem:

Except we would call them Watson wellies. He's really not so keen on the idea. He clearly doesn't know how fashionable he would be. 

I figured I would go the more humane route and opt for a new rug. My initial thought was a standard seagrass rug and I could layer a smaller pop of color on top. Then, I recalled this scenario:

Watson has a nightly make out sesh with my seagrass rug every night. His schedule is as follows: take a nap, play with my monkey, eat dinner, drink water, make out with the seagrass rug, go to bed. I cannot deal with incessant making out noises while I slumber. Alas, other options.

All from West Elm:

Do any catch your fancy?

On another note, I'm elbows deep in boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap. I always forget how much moving sucks. It does. A lot. And it reminds me that I have way too much stuff. Stuff I might be trying to sell soon. Stay tuned.


  1. Each design can be placed in a specific side of the room.

  2. Right FSLA, but that doesn't mean that you have to place matting on each room. Doing so would really ruin the aesthetics of your room.

  3. I like the second pattern. However, We avoided using carpets and rugs ever since we got our pets and stuck to having a plain marble floor.

  4. I like the second striped one. You can put it anywhere without making yourself dizzy by looking at it.

  5. You can have them in different areas around the room. Check for the right material as well.

  6. The chevron one. It adds an element of grace to any place

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