Thursday, March 31, 2011

Style Stalking: Fort Worth Home

Like most home obsessed humans, I engage in a little residential retail therapy from time to time. Not really sure why because I just end up torturing myself by observing what I can't afford. It's painful. But, lucky for you, I do it anyway.

Sometimes I've seen all HAR (Houston realty folks) has to offer and I wander up north for a gander at what's going on in my college stomping grounds of Fort Worth. If I wasn't really torturing myself before, this really does it. I mean, really. It depresses me to think what you can get for the same amount in Houston as you can in Fort Worth. Take this beauty up above. Simply charming with a touch of quirk. You know you're about to enter a goodie when you ring the doorbell.

And then you enter the kitchen, and you're all, "OK, this is lovely and all and I'm a superfan of a white kitchen but where's the quirk I was promised?"

And then you see it peeking over in the breakfast nook.

And on the backsplash and the roman shade.

And the fact that the cabinets are painted seafoam green inside.

Quirk with a touch of glam.

I'm obsessing over this dressing area. Typically you see dressing rooms all frilly and pink and white and airy but the fact that this is much more masculine and a little tribal really revs my engine. And the fact that the window treatment mixes two sassy prints, well, I just fainted.

Yes, I do believe I can get clean in this retreat. 

And wash my hands with a slew of canines.

But then I stumbled on this. Baby. A baby that must be a rockstar. 

Because the baby has an Imperial Trellis crib bumper and is constantly on vacation in Palm Springs. This baby, well, is probably way cooler than your baby. Just saying. I think it's really thoughtful that these parents would let this bouncing tot constantly hang out by the pool unattended. Must be a really trusting bunch.

And as if that wasn't cool enough, they have a staircase to heaven. Because clearly heaven looks like this house.

If this is your home, or you know whose home it is, give them mad props and tell them I like what you're working with. Also ask if they're willing to sell their house to me for tradesies with Watson. Never mind. Weak moment. Will never do that.


  1. I'll trade you my digs in Italy for Watson! Neopolitan pizza WHENEVER YOU WANT. Think about it.

  2. This house is so amazing! Love the kitchen and, wow, wow!

  3. DYING over it.

    And that pool photo is a famous one taken in Palm Springs in the 1960's. So, OBVIOUSLY I'm obsessed!

  4. I just came across your blog and love it! I'm also in Houston. Do you have the link to the listing for this house in Fort Worth? It is bananas!

  5. You can find the house here:

    Or you can type in 3817 W. 4th Street in at

  6. Just stumbled on your blog and I am dying over this house. Do you have an MLS link so that I can convince my husband to move here...please!
    Great Blog BTW. I am a new follower :)

  7. I am in LOVE with that nursery! Any insight onto how they created amazing Slim Aarons mural? THings for posting this!

  8. Nicole, Slim Aarons mural is available from a UK company called Surface View. Check out:

    Isn't is just FABULOUS?!?!?

  9. "Because clearly heaven looks like this house."

    Indeed! This house is simply beautiful, eh. Love their floor mat and dressing area. Wow!

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