Saturday, March 19, 2011

Palmer Weiss, Let's Be Friends

I'm here to tell y'all that I have a new best friend. And I don't want to jinx it but I think she could be "the one". I got a little taste of her medicine way back during my Elle Decor Showhouse escapades and I've been sending praiseworthy mental vibrations to her ever since. Palmer Weiss, people. Palmer Weiss is the bees knees. Do you remember when I went to the Elle Decor Showhouse in November and got to see some of her loveliness?

And here are some much better representations of what these spaces looked like...

And even more loveliness from her portfolio...

And look at what a cute little nugget she is:

She lives in San Francisco. I'm hoping my mama stumbles across her path one day and helps her pick up her fabric samples that she clumsily dropped down a hill and as a token of her gratitude, Palmer invites my mom into her fabulous abode for a spot of tea and they become besties and then I can start calling her Aunt Palmer. No? Too much?

Well, at least we can bring a bit of Palmer into our homes since One Kings Lane is featuring her on their Tastemaker Tag Sale today. Here are a few things up for grabs that you can see featured in a few of the photos above:

And here are some things I want but alas cannot obtain...

Do you see anything you're lusting after?


  1. Palmer is one of my faves!! LOVE all the spaces you shared of hers!


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