Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bedroom Wars: Pick the Bedside Table Winner!

Ok, party people. AT&T came and did what they said the would do today and now I am experiencing the glory that is the intranets for the first time in a week. So, I'm here to tell you who won the bedroom wars bedside table battle.

Drum roll please...

3. Carrara Marble Directoire End Tables - Dual

These shiny beauties won with a whopping 56% vote. You readers are really creating a loverly bedroom that makes me want to cozy cozy up with a glass of red wine and watch an episode of Bethenny Ever After. And if this room was real, I would have a place to rest my glass.

I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of choosing a few elements for the bedroom such as wall color, molding color and floor type. This is what we're workin' with:

The floors are a lovely herringbone wood floor. The walls are Silver Chain from Benjamin Moore. The molding is Down Pipe from Farrow & Ball

As you can see, the floor is begging for a rug. A rug that you readers will choose once upon a day soonly. I must say I'm going to be really depressed when you have all picked beautiful objects for this beautiful room and it's all going to be make believe and I'm never going to be able to enjoy the gloriousness of my reader's impeccable taste in the flesh. 

But for now...it's supes fun. Stay tuned in the next couple of days for the next installment of Bedroom Wars.


  1. The bedroom wars pick bedside table winner. Good information


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