Sunday, February 13, 2011

Meeting and Greeting at the Market

Is it really February 13th? Have I really not contributed anything for 11 days? I suck. Before you try to make me feel better, I need to explain even more why I suck. I went to The Urban Market today and recalled the last time I visited was the same time last year after I started this little bloggie. Which made me realize that I forgot my own blogiversary. I suck. Don't worry, I didn't stay in this deep depression for too long. I engaged in a little retail therapy.

Wilson (Will + Watson) accompanied me like they did last year to The Urban Market after our weekly fish taco ritual at Berryhill. We were immediately greeted by the sweet and talented Sally Wheat who recognized Watson. I knew I adopted him for a reason. Recognition. Sally loved on Watson and we chit chatted and soaked up the 68 degree Houston sun. If Watson wasn't "altered" I would definitely give Sally a bubbas baby. I think she deserves one. 

I also met Meg Lonergan of LeSueur Interiors who I may or may not have purchased a lovely little lovely from. She was just the sweetest and I urge you to pop on over to her blog.

Wilson and I continued perusing.

But kept getting "What kind of dog is that?" questions. And were interrogated by a three year old who informed us that she gave another dog some cheese and that she likes grapes. To say the least, I was a little distracted. But never fear, I managed to make a purchase.

I also hopped into High Fashion Home and stumbled on a little fabric loving. What are we thinking here? Do my Kelly Wearstler's want these supple swatches as sofa roommates? WWKD? What Would Kelly Do? 

So here it is. What I managed to leave with. A practically comatose canine and a beautiful little table that is going to support all of my toddy tokens. Successful day? Do you really have to guess?


  1. Great post, love the new purchase! I got a super cute pillow today for my couch and it made me think of you!!

  2. Love the new piece Lauren...I went to the Urban
    Market last May when I came to H and loved it!

  3. I love it!!! Looks great!!! :) Can't wait to see those toddy tokens fill it up ;)

  4. Oh what I wouldn't give for a little bubbas baby!!

  5. It's coming back on my birthday weekend!!!!!!! hmmmm - what's a girl to tell her husband she wants to do????


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