Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I've Got Chills, They're Multiplyin'

If you're like the majority of the nation, you're freezing your arse off today. Special shout out to that Arctic blast. You cold, heartless windbag. At least Watson is cozying up in his combating his chills with a small dose of argyle and naps. Speaking of Watson, you're in for an extra special treat for Watson Wednesday tomorrow.

Before I get to that, make sure you vote for your favorite bed HERE! We've already had some amazing feedback from the likes of Sally Wheat, Joni from Cote de Texas and Bailey of Peppermint Bliss. What's your favorite? There's a close race between two...can you guess which ones?

I couldn't say wud up to you lovelies today with out announcing a seriously exciting announcement. The much anticipated High Gloss Magazine was released today. It's definitely warmed me up my little toesies and it's got me singing a happy song. Please stop by and see what these lovely ladies accomplished!

Congrats ladies!
It's beautiful, entertaining and inspiring!


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