Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Watson Wednesdays: The Hair Cut Series

Many readers, namely my mother, have asked me whatever happened to Watson Wednesdays. While I'm sure none of you find my dog quite as amusing as I do, I know everyone will appreciate the fact that he is a man of many looks. Some of my co-workers (hi!) have gotten quite the amusement out of Watson's wretched bouffants and I'm sure you will be equally as amused. So, for the next few weeks Watson Wednesdays are back in a hairy way. I'll be featuring the good (there really isn't any good), the bad and the horrifically ugly hairstyles he has sported over the last few years. So here it goes...

I like to call this style the "Sphynx". Obviously for the pyramidical shape that the talented groomer has accomplished here. Notice he thinks he looks awesome. 

Please, for the love of Mary, if you have a legit groomer please pass along their info. I can't take this kind of humiliation any longer.

Until next week...


  1. i'm cracking up! We've been there for sure!
    I've been using Aussie Petmobile for years now and no Sphynx yet!
    Sally W.

  2. I just came across your blog and I'm DYING. We have a 17 month old goldendoodle who has never been to a groomer. I trim him while he sleeps because many goldendoodles in our hood have been shaved just like poor Watson. With the weather warming up and his hair matting with each visit to the dog park, I feel like a visit to the groomer is necessary. I will repeat over and over again, " I will not laugh at Kelham. I will not laugh whenhe is shaved."

  3. Yes, unfortunately down in Texas I feel pretty cruel keeping his lush locks in the summer months. Would strictly be for selfish reasons so I will always have a life sized stuffed animal.

    Getting them shaved down is pretty hilarious -- but don't laugh. Watson knows when I think he looks ridiculous. Does a number on his ego. I hope you find a better groomer than I've had!


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