Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bedroom Wars: Pick the Bed

Oh, reader persons do I have a delightful delight for you to delight in for the next couple of months! Do you ever get giddy with excitement when it's that time of year for Today Throws a Wedding and you get to vote on all the little details of some poor helpless couple's wedding? I sure do. Mostly because I'm genuinely disappointed by the general public's poor taste and it makes me feel superior. Jokes. 

Well, since you obviously made the wise decision to read my blog I know you are incapable of making bad decisions. Therefore, I'm going to give YOU the opportunity to design a room. This is going to be quite the little experiment but I'm beyond excited to give you the control! Each week I will give you multiple options for different design elements and we'll see what you lads come up with. 

We will be starting with the bedroom. Mostly because I've been under the weather this week and I've been spending the majority of my time in this room. Where to begin? Well duh people. The bed. The piece of furniture for whence the room is in existence. Does that make sense? I'm on some serious meds.

Let the bedroom wars begin. Which will be the last bed standing? Only time will tell...

1. Clarke Poster Bed - Layla Grace
2. Irvington Nickel Bed -
High Fashion Home
3. Coralie Bed -
4. Silverleaf Poster Bed -
David Skinner Antiques
5. Walker Iron Bed -
Oly Sudio
6. Victoria Bed -
Z Gallerie

Voting will be open until February 2nd. Which one would you want to cozy up in with Watson? Vote now!

**Editor's note: If you don't want to vote because you think I can see who you are...then you're looney. I can't tell who you are so please vote!


  1. Victoria Bed looks sooo comf - I could snuggle with Watson in that bed for dayyyyyys.

  2. #4, hands down! It's beautiful and I love the detail.

  3. oh five for sure! my daughter has the similar bed from anthropologie. love it!!!!!!!!

  4. I voted for 5. Looks like hardly anyone else did! But it got Joni's vote so that's all that matters!:)))
    Sally W.

  5. I picked the Victoria Sleigh bed because I actually have it and I LOVE it :) I do love #5 and #4 too!

  6. The bedroom are in picking beds. Read all about it


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