Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Little Things

If there is one thing I love more than design, it's striving to become a hostess with the mostest. I've had many gracious hostesses in my life to learn from. Will's mother is always warm, kind and absolutely accommodating when I visit. My mother has always known how to throw a killer dinner party and they always go off without a hitch. And our friends Jon and Christina are wonderful hosts when we venture back up to Frog country and always make sure we're comfortable in their sweet little house.

This weekend, Jon and Christina made their way to the big city and I wanted to return the favor with special little touches to make them feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I obviously needed flowers.

Don't get too comfortable with those hydrangeas though. Died. Day after I bought them. Rude little water eaters.

But I did get peonies. Which we all know I have a slight obsession with.

They would clearly need water as most humans do.

And they obviously needed wine as most of my friends do.

Clearly the location of the note was of great debate.
And they would need a nice place to rest their heads.

Which makes for a nice little set up.

When Christina walked in she exclaimed it's like we're at Hotel ZaZa but we're at Hotel LaLa. If that's not a compliment, I don't know what is!

This picture is merely to showcase my fantabulously amazing new lamp from Horchow.
We ended the weekend as most good weekends end with a trip to Tiny Boxwoods for a chocolate chip cookie and steak and egg breakfast pizza.

The weekend also ended with this scene. Nice work, guys. We had fun! Clearly. Come back soonly.


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