Friday, December 17, 2010

Becoming a Professional House Stalker Tourer: The Putman House

SURPRISE! If you guessed the loverly home with my No. 1 fave dining room of all time from my post here, you're right. I went on another house tour this past weekend. Mainly because I obviously have an addiction to peeking into people's lives and homes for just a nano second so I can imagine what it must be like to live in such a fabulous pad.

When I found out that this splendid home was on tour, I instantly sprang. The home was featured in the April/May 2010 issue of Lonny and I fell in love. Not just because it's fabulous. But it is in my childhood neighborhood. Adds a bit of nostalgia to my day-to-day.

The owner/designer is Ashley Putman. She is clearly tres talented and I think we should be besties. Either that or I should be her babysitter. Holla at your girl, Ashley.

Anywho, I painfully dragged man friend with me but only subjected him to two homes. The first and most important was obviously the Putman home.

All dolled up for the holidays.

Amazing lacquer doors and moldings everywhere you looked. So shiny I could see myself!

Who wouldn't love a little red loo?

They have incredible taste in art and clearly have a passion for it.

All their wellies were lined up in a row.

And then there it was. The shining beacon of beauty I was waiting for.

That fabulous painting is new since the Lonny exhibition.


Favorite picture of the dining room.

Shut the front door. I officially went to a happy place at this point.

What a delightful way to greet yourself to the second floor.
It really says, "hey we're really fabulous and read a lot and you should probably be jealous of us."
Well, Putmans, I am. I really really am.

More lacquer. Lacquer lacquer everywhere! But this time in charcoal. Raaar.

I just thought this was hilarious. So out of his element.
Thank you, Will, for always putting up with my insane obsessions. You're a special kind of manfriend.

I mean, could it be more picturesque? And it's across the street from the neighborhood park. Stop it.

It was really hard to peel myself away. But, we only had 15 minutes to cruise through another house before they kicked us out. More on that house later. For now, Casa de Putman, I will remember you fondly. You have a little piece of my design heart forever.

Some of our best newlywed friendlies are visiting tomorrow so I've been super busy spruce-ifying the pad for their arrival. I'll share some little touches once the weekend is over.

And just because I couldn't help it... Will's roommate picked this little man up today. And my heart threw up love bullets and we're certain to be soulmates.

Meet Roger. We're tight.


  1. How in the world did I miss this? I am totally kicking myself now. I loved this house in Lonny and it is so close. I'm assuming the tour is over now?

  2. Unfortunately it was only last weekend. I personally think they should consider having a tour every weekend. I would certainly attend. I'll have to update you on any other home tours coming through!

  3. i would have loved to have gone too..fab fab fab..i love how its styled but lived in..oh the kitchen and that red bath..i worry about my house having too many gallery walls..never again! THANKS!

    Holly Mathis

  4. Hi there ... just found your blog via Holly Mathis. Nice! I am a fellow Houstonian ... I just LOVE when I find a fellow blogger from Houston or close by. I am going to save several photos from the Putman home and the other house (forgot the name) on the home tour for ideas for my own home. Great post and great houses!!

  5. Holly, you're so welcome! Wish you could see the house in person. I didn't want to leave!

    MHMG, thanks so much for reading! Glad you found some inspiration. Love finding other Houstonian bloggers too. If you're in town on May 1st you should plan on going to the West U home tour. I'm a docent and expecting it to be as equally amazing as the Southampton tour!

  6. Lauren,
    I am putting that in my Iphone calendar ... West U, that's awesome!

    I am actually going to Round Top for the first time this year ... by myself!! So excited to have a couple of days to myself doing exactly what I want when I want.

    No rodeo for me this year either.
    It's just so much trouble to get there, park and then fight the crowds leaving late at night. I know, I am whining. :)

    Maybe I will see you May 1st!


  7. Vikki,

    I will post more info about the house tour once I receive it. I'll be a docent at one of the houses so be sure to introduce yourself if you're there during my shift!

    Exciting about Round Top! I haven't made the trip yet. Be sure to post about all your goodies.

    Feel the exact same way about the rodeo. Such a hassle.

  8. What a great post!

    I'm kinda' lightheaded from all that eye-candy... No, really. :)

    Erin @ Dwell & Tell

  9. Lauren, you made my night with this post!! I have been in love w/this home since Lonny published it and to see more pictures of it was amazing!! If you don't mind, I plan on posting (with link & credit to you) some of your pictures tomorrow. Love your blog and am your newest follower!!

  10. Fran, I'm so glad you like! Please, feel free to post pictures.

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