Friday, November 5, 2010


Hi. Remember me? I'm that clever little minx that used to delight you with general design delights. Yeah, didn't think so. I'm sorry I've been so absent in your life. You see, between my day job and my night job of slaying dragons, I've been super busy. 

I don't know about most bloggers but when I'm "on" I have a little voice in my head constantly coming up with clever little phrases and topics to entertain my avid fans. For some reason that little voice has been mighty quiet lately. I think she went on an extended vacay. Maybe to Bali? Never fear, I think she's returned and has gotten over her jet lag.

As for me, I'm visiting my momma in San Fran for the weekend and therefore have time to greet you this morning. Hello!

While it was my only intention to apologize profusely for my absence in this post, I figured your eyeballs would be disappointed if I didn't expose a few of my latest design endeavors. 


I moved around my living room. Again.

Pretty slipcover at Vieux Interiors 

Aahhhh. Mercury glass. Who doesn't love?

Chevron pillows. Yes please!

I loved how feminine but manly manly this was.

Such a pretty store! They had a fabby collection of metallic cowhide rugs. Raar. 

Delightful linens at Kuhl Linscomb with their mascot meow meow.


I'm trying to find a reason why I need to have a wall of mirrors just like this in a future home.

And then. We discovered the bathroom.

Hello lovely my old friend.

 Why would you want me to spend more time in the bathroom than eating?

LOOK at this metallic velvet wallpaper. I could curl up with it and take a nap.

The royal throne. Is this inappropriate? Not when it looks this good. 

Oh mercy. The high gloss coral moldings, the eggshell diamond tiles with grey grout. Future kitchen? Ok!

For dinner I will have two of these lamps in a doggy bag and for dessert a bananas foster, please. 

A different dining area upstairs. I was totally creeping.

I typically detest crystal chandeliers but this lady is all dressed up with the right kind of accessories.

Like laser cut suede drapes. Say, WHAT?!

What a transformation, Brennan's. Bravo. 

That's what I've been up to the last month (and a half). I promise to never leave you for so long ever again. Especially since I'm going to buy myself a nifty camera today. Stay tuned...




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