Saturday, November 20, 2010

Meeting Jonathan Adler

Yes. That's right. I met Jonathan Adler. For really. Even I couldn't have Photoshopped the picture above.

He was just the cutest little muffin and I wanted to take him home. I mean, not just anyone can pull off a whale belt buckle. He obviously succeeded. 

JA was at Kuhl Linscomb for a book signing on Thursday and my friend Crossley and I bolted home after work to primp for the quirky color god and pranced over there to get his Jonathan Hancock on his recently released books.

When he spelled Crossley's name spot on we gave him mad props. He proceeded to tell us that spelling was "the one thing I'm good at". Really Jonny? The ONE thing you're good at? Right...

Both books are a magical emporium of eye candy and delightful treats. He's truly a superior color  manipulator and puts happy in everything he does. I suggest you buy both of these books if you happen to be in a deep depression and you're looking for a saving grace. 

Below are some examples of JA's faboo design skillz.

Not only is Mr. Adler a beyond superior designer, he is a merchandising fool. You should buy all of his goodies. All of them, you hear?! 

And then JA has gone completely genius and offers a "Design Your Own" aspect to his site. I completely fell in love with this concept when I saw how gorgy Kyle from Knight Moves manipulated the customization with her fantastic rug in her family room. Be jealous...

Sister friend Kyle is not only a fellow Texas broad, but she has ridiculous rug style. That's a thing. Trust me. But out of all of her rugs, this is by far my favorite. I've stared at it trying to figure out how I could possibly recreate this pattern in Illustrator and put it on everything. 

Anywhoozie. Meeting Mr. JA was truly a thrill and I hope we cross paths sometime in the future. So I can at the very least actually engage in interesting conversation rather than resorting to talking about the weather. It happened. But don't worry, we also talked about him being Jewish and how he "desecrates" (please see comments for the most embarrassing misquote of all eternity) all of his Christmas ornaments. It was such a lovely note to leave on. And therefore that's what I'm going to leave you on.

Happy weekend to you! 


  1. Hi Guys--Jonathan here. So nice meeting you. A friend forwarded this post and I love it! Thank you. But, one thing--it's "desecrates" not "defecates". Just had to let you know. Fab blog. xox, JA

  2. Glad you like it! And hope you had as much fun at the book signing as I did.

    Well silly me. Must have just gotten caught up in the moment and my brain stopped working. Consider your words edited.

    BEST! Lauren

  3. I have to add that I have been blushing for the past 15 minutes and I'm confident I will never live this down.

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