Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mailbox to Umbrella Stand

If you read the previous post you'll know that I met Jonathan Adler this week. And if you read the comments you'll see that I made a complete fool of myself and misquoted him in quite possibly the most embarrassing of embarrassing ways. So I'm here to try to redeem myself in honor of Mr. Adler and prove to him that I do, in fact, have a brain. 

I fell in luuuv with my grandparent's old mailbox while perusing through their shed on a scavenger hunt back in college when I was screaming the praises of Rachel Ashwell (Still think she's the coolest Brit around) instead of Kelly Wearstler. How I have changed. As it was an old mailbox it screamed, "I am shabby chic hear me ROAR". So I loved it and probably actually stuffed some dried flowers in it and thought I was just as cute as a button. Then I realized country hoe down chic wasn't really chic at all and the mailbox kind of became an afterthought. 

UNTIL I started hanging my umbrella in it. Me thinks, "how useful this little mailbox has become" and I started dreaming how I was going to transform it into something spectacular.

I bought a shiny glossy gloss gold tchotchke from JA on Thursday as a holiday gift for one of my besties (this particular gift is actually where the HORRID misquote unfolded. sheer and utter devastation.) and I got to thinking that my drab mailbox needed a shot of gold in it's life.

JAdler's Hans Hourglass Table

I'm currently in a relationship with this table.
Really. Check my relationship status on Facebook.

JAdler's Banana Bud Vase

This is how the little mailbox was transformed. I gave her a good scrubbin' and a little lovin'...

...before she got shaken down with some gold spray paint. 

And that's where I stopped. Some DIY project, huh? I bought gold leaf and was fully intending to gold leaf the entire thing when I got to thinking that I wanted it to look more like a varnished gold than a burnished gold. So help. What do I do to gloss this lassie up? I want it to be so glossy that Watson can see his reflection in it so he can admire his long locks. Any and all advice is welcome.

He's still so embarrassed of me and my unfortunate "mishap".
He won't make eye contact with me. Man's best friend my...

When my mailbox/umbrella stand is in it's final stages of glory, I might celebrate by buying myself this umbrella:

Mod Baltic Stick Umbrella

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for fabulousifying my mailbox and how to profusely apologize to Jonathan Adler. That would just be super. 


  1. Your quote about Watson made me laugh out loud : )



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