Sunday, November 7, 2010

Elle Decor Showhouse

Here I am at SFO waiting for my flight home on an especially cold and dreary day. It seems the only thing that will warm me up is reliving the tantalizing home beauty I experienced on a home tour in the picturesque neighborhood of St. Francis Wood yesterday. One of the beyond gorgeous homes was the 2010 Elle Decor Showhouse. Of course my giddy little self was wanting to rush through the other four beautiful homes just so I could get to the good stuff. And let me tell you, the stuff was GOOD. 

I warn you, I did not edit out many pictures. I wanted you to see all the beauty. Plus I finally got a new camera and I got a little snap happy.

House #3. The owner had a love of chinoiserie. I had a love of the owner.

Amazing dining room table. The owner had amazing taste and didn't use a decorator.

I wanted to move in here. Dark chocolate brown lacquered bookcases.

House #4. A 60's modern vibe.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the Elle Decor Showhouse.

LOVING this gorgeous sofa.

Love the drapes, fireplace and the "modern mount". 

Oversized black linen wingback chairs worthy of a king.

Bright and beautiful breakfast nook

Obviously it leads to a fabulous outdoor eatery.

Is this tile FOR REAL?!

I'm moving in.

Yet another amazing dark library.

The Elle Decor Showhouse had ridiculous bathrooms.

More upstairs!!

My mother showing off our stylish footwear.

Amazing upstairs library.

I told you about the bathrooms. But check out that toilet. I don't get it.

Fit for a little princess.

My favorite bedroom.

My friend Mackenzie is looking for drawer pulls just like this.
Mack, I considered yanking them off for you.

The same vintage light fixtures that my mom has!

Mack, I think you should use this room as inspiration for your beach house.

LOVE this wallpaper in the bathroom.

And the beautiful baby subway tiles.


This room obviously has an outdoor seating area too. 

Another amazing bedroom. Love that mustard color.

Industrial fixture that they added mirror to.

Crazy cool lamp.

Welcome to the master suite.

Wanting that mirror.

Again, an amazing bathroom. Look at that tilework! 

My man friend wants to do a gallery wall. This is allowed.

The "basement". Can I please remind you that we're in SAN FRANCISCO.

Wet bar.

I would sit here and admire my LV trunk and large hand sculpture every single day.

I would actually do my laundry.

Maybe my favorite bathroom of the day.

Again, we're in San Francisco and this exists.

Such an amazing experience! Hope you all found some Sunday inspiration. I'll be boarding soon and hoping I have another four hours of DIRECTV and catching up on more Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Don't scoff at me. You like it too.


  1. Wow, so chic. How much did it cost you?


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