Monday, August 16, 2010

Wall Plates - Not Just For Your G-Momma

Once upon a time, fabulosity and amazingness got together and had a love child. After nine months of carefully bestowing extra special design powers to their bebe, Sally Wheat was born. Sally then used those magical powers to make everyone super jealous that they just weren't as fabulous and amazing as her. But, Sally grew up into a super designer (I'm sure she has a cape) and used her powers for good and made the world a more beautiful place. The End.

This is what a bedroom is supposed to look like. If you don't agree, well you're wrong.

Sally's super trendy and sure to be hipster, daughter's room. I wish I was that cool when I was little.

When it comes to vignettes, Sally knows wassup.

And I will cook here one day. Whether it's by invitation or by breaking the law. I think that little angel above the window would keep the cops away long enough to bake a souffle and make Sally my new BFF.

All photos above from Cote de Texas

But what I'm really here to talk about is Sally's bonkers wall of plates in her kitchen/breakfast area. Yo momma never hung plates on the wall like that, now did she? Well, my momma never hung plates on the wall period but if she did, I know it would not have been like this.

So, I was obviously super jealous of how cool Sally Wheat was (and impatient for that matter) and marched right up to Anthropologie and bought myself my very own wall of plates. I feel kind of fake and icky for buying everything in one fell swoop but that's my impulsiveness. I can't help it. Will was out of town this weekend and couldn't distract me from completely redecorating. So, for now, let's just blame him. It's all Will's fault.

But for reals, I want to start collecting plates that have a fun story behind them other than, oh this is what Anthro had in stock at the time. Blech. Don't judge me. I was sick of my white walls. Oh, and Will wasn't there to stop me. It's all Will's fault.

I bought my cute little duck, Antonio, from Z Gallerie.

This wall looks SO much better!

Close up of the overlayed plates. Love the texture and shadows it creates.

And look what else managed to make their way to my doorstep this week... Again with the impulsiveness. I blogged about these pillows here a week ago and immediately bought them as soon as I posted. Now that shows restraint. I'm a rock.

But Liana at Woody Liana was such a pleasure to do business with that I would do it all over again. Maybe 12 more times. You should too.

My sweet little home.
So happy...for now.


  1. Hi Lauren, I found your post through google alert and I am laughing so hard right now! You have quite a way with words(!) and I enjoyed reading through your back posts so much. First and foremost, your dog is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! What kind of dog is he?? And I'm extremely flattered by your post, gotta show that to my husband to remind him how "fabulous" I am! Seriously, thanks so much for making my day!! Sally W.

  2. And your plates look adorable, btw!! Love the bird!! Sally

  3. That's one of my favorite kitchens, love the gray, love Sally's style and loove the Wheaten Terrier..What a cuttie !

    Lauren, what a great idea to accessorize your TV set ! Fun, unexpected and pretty !


  4. Lauren, didn't know how to contact you.
    Have you picked any colors yet ?

    Convo me when you can !
    Have a great day!


  5. Liana,

    I sent you a message to your Etsy account. Let me know if you would rather communicate another way.



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