Sunday, August 8, 2010

Changes at Casa de Moi

Big changes at casa de moi in the past month. Jessica and her furniture up and left for Italy and left the place half furnished. Erin moved in soon after and supplemented with some furniture but the living room still felt a bit empty. We finally rearranged the place so we didn't have to side step to get past the sofa and the apartment is finally starting to feel like 1,200 sf as opposed to half that.

Our biggest issue has been ample seating for visitors. Previously, the only seating we had in the living room was the sofa. Not optimum for entertaining to say the least. Well, except for movie nights with me, Jessica and Watson. That's about it.

A little tablescape. I bought my antique regency coffee table last year at a Found for the Home/Fab Flea sale after I got promoted as a congratulatory gift for myself.

Finally! We have room for counter stools! Now I just have to find the right ones. Suggestions? I have a few up my sleeve but I'll save that exciting topic for another time.

Watson loves all the new space.

Snagged a new Dash & Albert rug on a quick trip up to Fort Worth at my favoritey fave, Simple Things. They're still having their moving sale so I think it was quite the steal! It does, however, shed more than my hypoallergenic dog, so that kind of blows. Nothing my favorite toy, Dyson, can't fix.

After staring at that huge gapping hole in the living room for a week I had enough and went to IKEA and purchased these two Ektorp Tullsta chairs for $250 for the set. Now a total of five living human beings can sit and converse in my apartment. It's a glorious feeling.

So fresh and so clean!

Now on to my biggest issue at the moment. Pillows. If you have lived with me or know anything about me and my compulsiveness, you would know I do not, by any means, have a shortage of pillows. Will has actually said that I'm "ridiculous" when it comes to pillow. Rude. I'm just sick of my current collection. Nothing about them is exciting. The more I stare at them, the more disgusted I get. Mostly because those two blue pillows used to reside in Watson's kennel. Spoiled? Obviously.

Pillows are the easiest way to completely refabulousify your life. They don't take up that much space (Space Bags, duh) and you can trade them in and out as you so please. God bless the inventor of pillows.

Hello. I would like my sofa to look like you. K, thanks. This little setup would make me smile every time I entered my home. How couldn't it? Pretty, pretty, PRETTY!

I wouldn't mind you buying me any of these. Actually, I wouldn't mind you buying me all of these.

And I wouldn't mind the Farrow and Ball wallpaper either.

But Boxwood isn't in my broke butt budget. So, enter Etsy.

I want two of these. Fact. I NEED two of these.

With two of these.

Or maybe two of these.

And I absolutely must have two of these. Wouldn't you want to enjoy a glass of champagne with me with this lover supporting your lower back? We could arrange it.

But what I really and truly need, is time alone with this beauty. I think I would cry my little face to sleep if this babe found a place in my home and in my heart. I didn't receive a birthday present from you this year (and I was REALLY offended) so you can make it up to me by delivering this to my home. I'll forgive you.

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  1. Thank you for the mention and the links ! Your little living room is really starting to take shape.
    Maybe I could help you with some extra boost ! Surprise....
    Contact me!



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