Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Watson Wednesday

This Watson Wednesday comes to you with a bit of excitement. Watson has fractured his upper left canine tooth by most likely chomping on a bone. In other words, he done messed up his grill.

The tooth in question

I didn't think this was a huge issue because he's been eating, drinking, and playing per usual. I called my vet just to check and they told me to come in immediately. Yikes! They recommended him getting his tooth extracted or giving him a root canal. Excuse moi?! Those two procedures range from $950 to $1,650. That was more expensive than getting my wisdom teeth removed! This pound puppy has definitely made up for being so cheap the day of his adoption.

Who would want to mess up this smile?

I couldn't help but think that his sweet little smile would be altered but I couldn't bear the idea of paying $1,650 to have a cap put on his tooth. Nor could I bear the idea that he would have another bad reaction to the anesthesia (poor Bubbas) and cost me even more money on a visit to the emergency vet. An even worse thought was that I had cursed him after calling him "Bubbas" all these years. That after he got his tooth pulled, he would actually be a "Bubba" trailer park dog. I just couldn't have that.

A few months back I noticed that Dr. Wilkie was now at Richmond Avenue Animal Hospital. She was formerly with my current vet and unexpectedly left without a trace. She had taken care of my childhood animals and was always so kind and knowledgeable. I was happy to see she was only a block away from my apartment! Upon hearing the ghastly news that I was going to have to pay a hefty lot and that he would have to be put under, I wanted a second opinion.

I went over to visit Dr. Wilkie today during lunch and she gave me wonderful news. She said there is a likely chance the tooth will heal on it's own and there won't be a need for a tooth extraction! Horray! Not only am I happy to save the money, but I'm thrilled the little guy won't be in any pain. I was so happy to reunite with Dr. Wilkie and would recommend her to anyone. Watson is now officially moving his vet of choice to the Richmond Avenue Animal Hospital. He's not complaining since they gave him two treats and some scratches.

Things are back to normal and he's resting up after his exciting day of being poked and prodded. He must have felt especially normal because he ate an entire loaf of my ciabatta bread. Joy. What a coincidence this all occured on a Watson Wednesday. Hope next Wednesday isn't nearly as exciting.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Playhouse

Hi party people. I finally have a free weekend after the busiest two weekends of my life. Jessica got married in Wimberley, hosted a shower for Liz the next day in Houston, painted Will's house the next day, helped Will pack the next weekend, drove to Fort Worth the next morning and hosted a shower for Christina and Jon and finally drove back to Houston the next morning and helped Will move and paint the second guest bedroom. Whew. I'm surprised I'm not still sleeping.

It's been a lot of fun helping Will get settled in his new abode. Despite him burning me with my soup, I did help him paint. Let's be honest, I love pulling the tape off at the end. Who doesn't?

Bye bye baby green. Hello pretty neutral.

I've started referring to (in my head) Will's house as the playhouse. It's almost physically impossible for me to walk into an empty space and not immediately start decorating it. So, I've obviously decorated the playhouse in my head at least five times now. I just like making things pretty. Remember, this is from the girl who spent hours wrapping presents. I don't see what's so wrong with that! Since it's not my house, it will be my playhouse. Where I can redecorate it as much as I want in my mixed up little brain and no harm will be done to the physical structure.

A consistent theme in Will's house is brown. Brown walls, brown floors, brown CEILINGS. I have no idea what the previous owner was thinking. Really. Brown ceilings? They must have been cave people because that's what it feels like. Will plans to paint the ceilings white at some point in the future to try and de-cave things. In the meantime, I've completely redecorated Will's bedroom a million times in my head. Here lie my ideas.

The previous owner's master bedroom. Shudder.

So many issues with the previous owner's bedroom it makes my insides cry. The aforementioned cave feeling is apparent. My biggest gripes, however, have to do with their drapes. Why? Why would you do this to your poor windows? What did they ever do to you besides provide joyful sunlight?

I've learned from design guru Joni Webb of Cote de Texas that if you can't do drapes right, don't waste your money. Last year, Joni blogged about her top ten "must" design elements. Curtains were one of them. You can read more about it here. I find myself referring back to the list frequently and passionately. It's a great example of how to do window coverings the right way, the first time.

Offense #1: The drapery rod is hung with no consideration. Either hang the rod directly above the window casing or below the crown moulding to add height. They clearly didn't understand these rules.

Offense #2: Lack of fullness in the drapes. First off, why is there only one drape on the small window? Do you not see how empty the left side of the drapery rod is? Don't you think it's cold and lonely? Go buy another drape. Also, that large window requires double width drapes. Get a clue.

Offense #3: Most offensive offense of them all. Why. Aren't. The. Drapes. Touching. The. Floor? It looks like they ran out if fabric. Truly saddening.

There is great potential for this room though and I'm excited to see it evolve!

Hello lovelies.

As mentioned previously, Will and I spent less than 24 hours in Fort Worth last weekend. Our first stop as soon as we entered the city limits? Simple Things. My favorite of all favorite lovely things in the world. I've probably paced the store 500 times in my life. It's such a peaceful store I just want to curl up in the bed in the back of the store and take a nap. If I were to do that, I would have placed my cell phone on the flanking bedside tables. Instead, we just bought them.

Typically Will would scoff at spending so much money on a piece of furniture but the seas parted and Simple Things was having a 25% off EVERYTHING sale. In my four years of living in Fort Worth, I have never seen them have a sale. When I saw the signs up in the window, I almost jumped out of Will's car before he stopped. I maintained my composure and managed to walk in cool, calm, and slightly collected. I probably pointed to every piece of furniture in the store and asked Will, "Would you want that?"

Practicality took over and we settled on the beauties pictured above. They're seriously sturdy suckers and they're the perfect height for his bed. I offered to pay for one as a housewarming gift...and also as a bribe to get him to buy its mate. Even more practical, Will has been using the great side tables his sweet momma got him back in college and they are the perfect size for his living room side tables! Love it when everything seems to fall in place.

Dearest Will has been so kind to let me help him pick out his side tables and take care of the severe drapery issues. You know the playhouse in my head is gone a step (or 50) beyond that though. Enter my playhouse inspiration:

Hallelujah! Gorgy, gorgy, I love you.
Photo courtesy of Lonny

Hello. I would like to live in you. This special little beauty is actually in a Southampton home right here in Houston. I grew up in Southampton and I'm pretty confident this goddess of a house sits across the street from Rice University. My initial thought when I saw this room was that I wanted to babysit for this couple so I could sit at this table and have tea parties. When I got over that bizarre thought, I started thinking how I could apply these elements to Will's bedroom in my playhouse.

The blue would definitely brighten things up and give it a jolt of color. Since I'm taking care of the drapes, I would go pick up some 96" white linen drapes from Pottery Barn. The side tables add the wood element seen here in the dining room table and chairs. I would pick up some black drum lampshades for his baluster lamps. Bedding would be his brown quilt (have to compromise somewhere, can't completely rid him of his brown) and a blue and white striped duvet folded at the foot of the bed. I won't bore you with my ideas for pillows, but I wouldn't mind getting Will a custom Jonathon Adler monogrammed pillow. I would want to get him an antique 48 star american flag to add a bit of americana.

Sigh. Sounds lovely. For now, the room will stay in my playhouse and I'll visit it often.

Exciting update! I might bite the bullet this weekend and commit to the Parsons. I never thought this day would come. If you recall I had a bit of a conflict with purchasing said desk. Lately, Watson has been a perfect angel outside of his kennel all day and I think I can trust him. We even tested him during a hurricane force thunderstorm this week and my sofa and shoes managed to survive. SO I might wander over to West Elm tomorrow and just do it already. I'll keep you posted!

Happy weekend.
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