Monday, May 10, 2010

Completely Lost My Marbles

Good morning blogosphere. I had the brilliant idea last week to set my Monday morning alarm for 5:22 am and thus I am awake. Of course Watson is still in a deep slumber and is currently kicking me as he dreams of chasing bunny rabbits.

Professional dreaming rabbit chaser

For the past few Sundays I've gone completely nutballs. I get a wild urge to craft like I've never crafted before (at 4:00 pm, mind you) and I find myself running from fabric store to craft store in a wild panic trying to get in before they close. As discussed previously, all (three) of my friends are getting married this year and I'm so excited to be a part of their special days and so, I feel that it is my crafty obligation to make their presents (and every other aspect of the days leading up to their weddings) special for them. I stayed up until 11:00 last night wrapping presents. WRAPPING PRESENTS. There were only three. Lord. What's going to happen to me at Christmas?! I'm going to need one of you to tell me every single day to drop my scissors and trimmings and step away from the gifts. The hours of gift wrapping paid off and I think I officially managed to make the gifts undesirable to unwrap. Guess you girls will never know what's in them because you'll be admiring my handiwork instead.

Liz's gifts (yes mother, I wrapped yours too)

Jessica's HEAVY gift
(why of course I will make flowers for the top of your present for an hour and a half, who wouldn't?)

Now that I've divulged my (non)secret desire to be a mini Martha, I'm comfortable showing you what else I tend to waste my time on. I have a serious obsession with flowers and tend to buy them for myself frequently. I also tend to receive them when Will has said something particularly foolish that day. Either way, giving or receiving, I just love flowers.

Peonies Will bought me last year from CM.
(this time he didn't say anything foolish, he was just being a sweet boy)

I only go to Central Market to make my flora purchases and have trained suggested Will go there too. He has absorbed my thoughtful advice and every time he goes, the same woman that helps him tells him he looks like Ricky Martin. Ha.

I quiz Will frequently on my top five favorite flowers. I suggest you ladies do the same to adequately train inform your man. After all, they really don't want to waste their money on flowers you think are fugly.

Anywho, I'm getting on my flower soapbox right now because I made one of the prettiest arrangements in all my arrangements yesterday for my step-mother for mother's day. Typically, I keep my arrangements monochromatic as to not get it "wrong". This is a sure fire way to have yourself a beautiful arrangement. I also suggest you tell your men this little tip too. It's amazing what they're able to absorb. Now, as I said, I'm usually drawn to all white flowers.

Arrangement I made for a co-workers wife when she came home from the hospital after baby boy #3

But yesterday, I was feeling a little loco and decided to spice things up a bit. When I brought these into the house, my dad immediately said that the french tulips look like brussel sprouts. Obviously he hasn't been trained yet.

Step-mother's arrangement for Mother's Day

Well, I fell in love with this arrangement and really didn't want to leave it there. It was a proud moment and I felt guilty for leaving it with people who think some of the flowers look like brussel sprouts. Instead, I shot a quick picture and looked at it (and showed Will multiple times) throughout the day.

My NORMAL alarm just went off and so I will bid you adieu. Happy Monday everyone!

Good morning, professional rabbit chaser

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