Sunday, April 18, 2010

And I'm Back

My deepest apologies for leaving all four of you hanging in suspense the past couple of months! How truly selfish of me. I promise it was only for strictly unselfish reasons. All of my friends have decided to get engaged/married and I'm clearly more interested in gabbing about the good stuff with them than living my own life. So here's a recap of the past couple of months:

It all started with a certain roommate of mine getting engaged in February. Serving as a secret agent of insider information, I painfully knew about the engagement a full week before it was to occur. We all know my trembling desire to be the breaker of all big news so you can imagine that this was a trying week for me. Jessica and Taylor got engaged in DFDub and I was back in Houston on hyper drive. I cleaned the entire apartment four times and visited Central Market hourly to prepare for their return home. Here are some photos of my psychotic welcome wagon efforts.

Celebrate future Franklins!

Homemade cheddar dill scones. Why not? Please get me a L.I.F.E.

Guess how many times I erased that chalk board. Now multiply that number times five. I need a hobby.

Since Taylor and Jessica will be spending their engagement away from each other due to Taylor's Navy duties, Whitney (second super secret agent) and I planned a surprise engagement party for the happy couple. SURPRISE, JESSICA! You're engaged!! Oh, and you're moving to Italy. Ciao, bella! Please don't go.

I have been sewing a batrillion rosettes for a future shower for bridal beauty Liz. I'm more than a little obsessed with them and want to put rosettes on everything. Stop me. I'm a mad woman.

Spent the most peaceful Easter with the Pendleton's in heaven. Seriously. I have been told from the big man upstairs that this is exactly what heaven looks like. Who knew?

Attended a rowdy bachelorette party with a rowdy bachelorette. Not tonight, Taylor, not tonight.

Saw the Boenkers make it official. And it's official, the wedding was ridonkulous. Kudos on being so fabulous Natalie BOENKER!

And topped it all off by catching the bouquet, making a horrifying expression and seriously freaking out Will. Why didn't anyone think to take his picture at this very moment? I can confidently tell you that his mouth was on the floor. I saw it with my own eyes. Looks like these posts will be turning into updates about my wedding. Joking, Will. Please don't break up with me. I promise I didn't leap for it as you would expect me to.

So, all in all, the past few months have been VERY busy, VERY exciting, and VERY blessed. I'm so fortunate to have such sweet friends that love me enough to have me spend their VERY special days with them. Love you all!

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